Confidentiality is the hallmark and the bedrock upon which my coaching relationships stand. What we discuss within our coaching sessions remains between you and me. All information you provide is kept in strict confidence. I uphold the ethical principles and standards of the coaching profession established by the International Coach Federation, the most stringent standards of ethical conduct in the industry.

In those instances where the organization is underwriting the coaching investment, the sponsor, supervisor or HR representative of the person being coached (the client) may expect to receive regular updates or progress reports on the coaching. In these cases, I build time into our coaching engagements for progress reports and review sessions if requested by the organization. These review sessions are designed as “three-way discussions” with you present, as well as your sponsor or supervisor (or HR representative) and myself.

Review sessions provide an opportunity for the supervisor or HR representative to inform the coach of the progress and changes the client is making, and make suggestions and set expectations for further development. These meetings are not designed or intended to provide a forum for the coach to feed back confidential information to the sponsor or supervisor. Even during these three-way discussions, specific information discussed between the coach and the client is held strictly confidential.

At no time will I release confidential information to anyone in the organization without the permission of the client, unless I determine that information revealed during the course of the coaching relationship may lead to the client doing harm to him- or herself, to the organization, or to another individual, or if the action revealed is illegal in any way. In this instance, I have an obligation to bring the matter to the attention of appropriate individuals of authority within the organization.