When I am introduced to a potential client, team or organization, I start with a complimentary 45-60 minutes discovery session. The goal of this session is to learn more about you and understand your goals and needs. At a high level, I like to gather a snapshot of where you are now, create a short list of your challenges and obstacles, uncover what you want next, and understand your broader vision for the future.

In addition, I will take a brief moment to tell you my story, about my passion for coaching and consulting and review my professional skills and experience.

If we decide we are a good fit, we will enter into a contracting session to set the terms and boundaries of our coaching engagement. Each engagement is different so we will work together to  co-create what best meets your needs within the boundaries of my work. I am comfortable coaching in person, via video conference and on the  phone. We will discuss cadence, assessments, cost and schedule.

How can technology support a coaching engagement? Each coaching client has a secure, personalized web page where we track our progress and conversations and keep in touch between sessions. I share research, data and important articles and podcasts on our page. Many find it helpful to have a single place where we track our work together. 

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Every woman is unique and deserves for her great work to be recognized. Please fill out the form or give Rebecca a call at the number below. We would love to hear from you.

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