In coaching leaders, my ultimate purpose is to help them better recognize and more powerfully articulate their greatest strengths. I partner with them to determine how these align both with their  organization’s mission and the ultimate impact they as individuals seek  to have on the world. 

This emphasis on strengths also requires  identifying any specific behaviors or habits that may have served them in the past but could undermine them as they move to higher levels —  strengths that could threaten to become weaknesses as their span of authority and influence broadens. The client and I then develop a  detailed plan for acting on her top identified strengths, addressing  potential challenges and holding herself accountable for growth, in part  by engaging others in her development.

My coaching experience is individualized, tailored to your needs and interests. The process is collaborative and highly interactive with feedback that is clear, accurate, and compassionate. I utilize data from emotional intelligence, usually beginning with an assessment, and then we address those gaps in the aspects that are essential for successful management and contribute toward becoming a more effective leader. 

I view the coaching process as a relationship-building opportunity, and consequently, I don’t approach it with preconceived notions. I borrow from different coaching frameworks and modalities to find an approach that works for you. I learn about you through your stories.