Emerging and high potential leaders engage with me when they need to increase their management and leadership abilities including self-awareness, executive presence, articulating and living their leadership values, addressing blind spots, and working on their mentoring and motivational skills. Other leaders find me when they are facing a particularly tough issue where they want an outside expert to help think things through and advise them. The goal of my coaching engagements is to accomplish five things:

1. Increased Clarity and Focus

Sometimes we are just too involved, too close and cannot see the forest for the trees. By creating space to tell your story, you will often find clarity in our very first session. Acknowledging areas in which you are frustrated or stuck opens you to begin a process where you can create a global view and tease out the details to start seeing  challenges with clarity. Once you can see it clearly, you often know the answer. 

2. Increased Accountability

As your accountability partner, we create achievable and measurable goals that breakthrough barriers. 

3. Increased Confidence

Confidence is critical to success and our negative self-talk is one the biggest inhibitors to our success. It’s so easy to see all of the  problems, the pitfalls, and reasons why failure awaits us, so much so  that it can actually stop us from even trying. My goal is to help you visualize your success, put a plan in place and eliminate the imposter  syndrome. A good coach will help you picture success, help you put in  place a plan or strategy that will help build confidence, and eliminate  doubts. 

4. Better Ideas

Ideas need to be nurtured and challenged for them to grow. We can work through your idea, test it’s assumption, and build on it’s strength. 

5. Better Decision Making

I bring an unbiased view. We all have our prejudices, preconceived notions, or beliefs about people or situations that can actually be detrimental to our performance and decision-making. By listening to your story, I help you differentiate reality from perception; to help you find the truth and help you reach better choices.